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Enhance Your Crop's Growth With High-Quality Agri Inputs

Get easy access to genuine inputs from the most trusted chain of company-owned agri input stores. 

What is Suggi?

Suggi is a chain of company owned and company operated (COCO) agri input stores. These stores provide smallholder and marginal farmers with easy access to high-quality agri inputs. Suggi stores are located in high agricultural potential areas catering to a cluster of around 30-40 villages.  

Besides inputs, the agri experts at Suggi offer personalized consultations and expert advice.

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Suggi Offerings

Want to order or have a query?  

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Call us at +91 7996163111

Farmer Success Stories 


Kolluru Cross, Bellary district, Karnataka 

I faced a tough time with my Chilli crop last year, but things turned around thanks to Aminofal and Instagreen from the Suggi shop at Kolluru Cross. The crop stand improved significantly, with more growth and branches. Despite the challenges of inadequate water supply, this year's yield is outstanding. I highly recommend these products – they made a real difference.


Somasamudra, Bellary district, Karnataka 

Earlier, my crops struggled with poor vegetative growth. I then discovered Ready NPK at the Suggi shop. After spraying it, my Maize crop flourished with increased twigs and branches. The results were fantastic, and now my yield is better than ever. I urge my fellow farmers to try Ready NPK once – because it really worked for me!

Where is your nearest Suggi store located?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


What types of products does Suggi offer at its stores? 

Suggi offers a diverse range of agricultural products, including seeds, fertilizers, specialty nutrients, bio-inputs, crop protection solutions, plant growth regulators, cattle feed, tools and implements such as tarpaulin and sickles. This extensive product lineup ensures that farmers can find all their essential inputs in one place. 


How does Suggi empower farmers with technical knowledge? 

Suggi empowers farmers with technical knowledge through personalized consultations, product demonstrations, and detailed information about the features and benefits of each product. The store staff at Suggi focuses on educating farmers on the proper application and precautions for using inputs, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize productivity. 


What makes Suggi different in its approach to supporting farmers? 

Suggi stands out by offering more than just products. The emphasis on personalized consultations and product demonstrations, showcases a commitment to understanding farmers' unique needs. By combining quality inputs with comprehensive knowledge, Suggi aims to empower farmers, helping them achieve maximum productivity and profitability in the agricultural industry.

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