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Boost your Agri Trade with the most trusted Output Trading Platform 


Increase profitability with best prices for commodities and timely payments, experiencing transparency at every step. 

What is Siri?

Siri – the Output Trading Platform, connects large farmers, traders, FPOs with buyers, bridging supply and demand gaps. With timely payments and transparency at its core, Siri ensures a seamless trading experience for all involved, fostering trust and efficiency in agricultural transactions. 

Whether you're looking for buyers, better rates for commodities, or immediate payments, Siri is your solution. 

Call us at +91 7996163111

Farmer Success Stories 

Rajesh S 

Ganj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh 

Before Siri, I struggled with delayed payments and uncertainty in trading. Now, with Siri's quick payment process, I trade with confidence and ease.

Sagar M K 

Harihara, Karnataka 

Trading in maize and soybean used to be complicated, but Siri has made it very convenient.

Where is your nearest Siri located?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How quick is the payment process with Siri? 

Siri ensures a swift payment process, facilitating timely transactions within 24 hours (based on the terms of trade) for all parties involved. 

Is there a payment guarantee with Siri? 

Yes, Siri provides a payment guarantee as all transactions are rooted through Falca, ensuring security and reliability. 

What commodities does Siri deal in? 

Siri primarily deals in non-perishable commodities such as Cereals – Wheat, Paddy, Maize; Pulses – Toor Dal, Channa Dal; Oilseeds – Mustard, Soybean; Processed Commodities - Broken Rice, providing a reliable platform for trading these agricultural products. 

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