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Switch to Smart Farming with Comprehensive Solutions


From high-quality agri inputs to market linkages, get everything you need at your disposal. 

What is Samrat?

Samrat (Rural Service Point—RSP) is a village-level infrastructure that provides a one-stop platform for all farming needs. Whether it's high-quality agri inputs, customized advisory, or market linkages, it offers convenient solutions by being at farmers' doorsteps. The Samrat centers are established and operated to cater to farming households

Consequently, Samrat saves time while unlocking farmer’s full potential.  


Making end-to-end farming services readily available, the Samrat model ensures the last mile magic.     


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Samrat Offerings 

Market Linkages  

Want to order or have a query?  

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Farmer Success Stories 

Revathi Gowda

Devagiri, Karnataka 

Before Samrat, we had never been to agricultural input shops as they are confined to just towns and cities. Now, with the introduction of Samrat near us, farming has become easy. This has improved our productivity and given us a sense of confidence in our farming abilities.

Ravi M L

Hiremyageri, Karnataka

From good quality inputs to expert advice, they've helped me improve my farming. Now, I’m not just growing crops, but earning profits also. Thanks, Samrat, for helping me recognize my true potential!

Where is your nearest Samrat Center located?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


Samrat plays a crucial role in saving both time and money by bridging gaps and providing essential services at farmers’ doorsteps that were previously inaccessible. 

How Samrat impacts farming in remote areas? 

Yes, Samrat advisory services cater to specific farming challenges, offering expert guidance to farmers and helping them overcome obstacles for a more prosperous agricultural journey. 

Can Samrat assist with specific farming challenges? 

Samrat prioritizes transparency throughout the process, from procurement to distribution, ensuring that farmers have clear visibility into every stage of the supply chain. 

How does Samrat ensure end-to-end transparency? 

Payments at Samrat centers are easy and quick. With transparent processes and efficient payment settlements, farmers can focus on their farming activities without delays. 

How is the payment cycle at Samrat centers? 
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