FALCA Farmer Advisory

The farmers find it extremely difficult to know the proper type of fertilizer, which would match his soil. In using a fertilizer he must take into account the requirement of his crops and the characteristics of the soil.

The basic objective of the soil-testing programme is to give farmers a service leading to better and more economic use of fertilizers and better soil management practices for increasing agricultural production. High crop yields cannot be obtained without applying sufficient fertilizers to overcome existing deficiencies.

To promote uniformity in agriculture marketing by streamlining of procedures across the integrated markets, removing information asymmetry between buyers and sellers and promoting real time price discovery based on actual demand and supply.

FALCA Farmer Market

Farmers can sell in their produces at better prices from their fields without thinking about factors like logistics, middlemen, packaging etc. A user-friendly mobile application for the farmers that allows them to post their produces with details such as pricing, grades and quantity. These produces subsequent to passing quality checks are made available for bidding to consumers. Each and every stage of the produce can be tracked by the farmer via the app.

  • Sell your products directly to the consumers at your door step, without the intervention of middlemen. FALCA, offers you analytical support for free, which includes information such as weather conditions, demand and supply gap, market prices, suitable harvest time and lot more.
  • This shall enable the farmers to plan on what products to grow. We also answer questions pertaining to the where and how's of any crop.
FALCA Farmer Shop

Agriculture sector needs structured and functional markets, preferably to vicinity of farmers, to drive growth, employment, remunerative prices and economic prosperity in rural areas of the country. Since Farmers always struggle to get the right quality tool, machineries, seeds, nutrients & agro chemicals with the help of market all these can be achieved in a timely manner.

Through FALCA market, the selected agricultural companies can showcase their products/commodities through our platform. All the FALCA registered users can make use of FALCA market to avail benefits to the maximum core.

We provide quick local access to avail the services in supply of agricultural commodities like quality seeds, saplings, machineries, tools, nutrients & agro chemicals at most competent price ranges.

FALCA Farmer Intelligence

Quality is one of the most essential parameters in every aspect of our life. In order to cater this Falca has come up with F-QCell which is a quality testing centre for Falca products.

Whenever a farmer posts a product using our platform F-QCell team will test it using the latest technologies and equipments at our laboratories. At present we are testing for parameters like moisture content, fungus content, number of seeds per 100 gm, size of the produce , freshness of the perishable produces etc,.

Apart from these we are planning to build an infrastructure using machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT to predict the quality of the produces in order to reduce time and human error. Also our long term goal is to assist farmers to continuously improve the culture of safety, quality and sustainable development in the field of agriculture.

FALCA Farmer Storage

Storage is a very important marketing aspect, involving holding and preserving goods from the time they are produced until they are needed for the consumption purpose. Storage helps the stabilization of prices by adjusting demand and supply as it protects the quality of perishable and semi-perishable products from deterioration.

If the farmer feels he is not getting the right price for his goods, with the help of FALCA, farmers can see if any storage space is available conveniently at affordable prices. We basically take the ownership of the collateral management associated to storage.

Anybody who is a registered user (Farmers or consumers) can make use of this & we take care of the logistical parameter to pick the commodities from fields to storage facility. We aim to foster improvements in output markets to help farmers realize higher incomes.

FALCA Farmer Hire

Falca with its vast experience and understanding the farmer’s problems came up with an idea of f-hire. In India, as we all know that not every farmer can afford his own tractor and heavy machinery. Small farmers ask for tractors and equipment from the other farmers who own them, leading to uncertainty, lack of availability compromise on the quality of tractors and equipments.

Most of the farm equipments remain idle for the majority of their life although owners are paying monthly instalments along with maintenance cost. The option to rent equipment makes great sense financially since you need it for a few months adding to it you need not pay for their maintenance. Technology is ever-changing so farmers can rent the latest equipment whenever they are in need instead of using old machineries. That's where f-hire comes into the picture. Through f-hire whenever farmers need a tractor or any farm equipment, they can simply call f-hire or use our mobile app, and place their order.

They will receive a well-maintained requested machinery along with a skilled operator with utmost ease and at affordable cost. They can get their work done in a hassle-free manner, with the use of latest mechanisation thereby increase their yield.