Frequently Asked Questions

What is FALCA?
  • Platform that facilitates the producers to sell their goods at desired prices and at the same time allow consumers to buy the goods showcased at best price.
  • Platform that guarantees end to end pickup and delivery of products with appropriate quality checks.
  • Platform that tightly couples farmers and consumers thereby eliminating the overhead and cost involved in multiple middlemen and other infrastructure.
  • Involves a clean ,fare and transparent mechanism for bidding and buying of products available.
  • Is FALCA platform free to use?

    Yes, the mobile app for Farmers can be downloaded free of cost, all you need is a valid address proof to register and you are all set to post your produces, Similary, the consumer app is also free of cost and valid consumers (having GST or PAN) can register to our portal and bid for the produces.

    How FALCA works?
  • A registered and verified farmer posts his produce.
  • FALCA field team visits the farmer plcae physically and check the produce against various parameters such as quality, quantity.
  • After all the parameters are met the field team representative approves the product.
  • Once the product is approved, it becomes available in the market i.e to the consumers registered on the FALCA consumer portal.
  • Consumers interested in the product submit their bid.
  • Farmer accepts the desired and fruitful bid.
  • FALCA logistics team arranges the transport and perform the loading process and ship it to the respective consumer.
  • What is the procedure for registration in FALCA?

    Farmers can download mobile app from google play store and add a valid address proof and register. Similarly consumers can register via using a valid entity registration proof such as TAN or GST.

    How is the quality of produce guaranteed by FALCA?

    We have a dedicated quality control team who visit the farmers place physically and capture the quality parameters of the produce using modern techniques. The quality posted is the quality you will receive. In case of sub-standard qualities we reject the produce as quality matters a lot for us.

    How and when is the payment done to farmers?

    As soon as the produce is loaded into our logistics solution and all the formalities are completed we immediately release the payment to farmers wither in terms of cash or online transfer whichever the latter wishes. We do not delay it any cost as we are in this business to serve and address the problems of the farmers.

    How soon will my enquiry be attended to?

    Feel free drop in you enquiry at "index.htmlcontactus.html#section_contactus" we will be happy to serve you. Our sales and marketing team would reach you out within 2 days.

    Feel free to ask questions if any